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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Onion pi ap anonymity

Decided to last night try this project.

Firstly I downloaded a fresh raspbian image before following adafruits how to make an access point with pi. Once this was done I could move onto the OnionPi project. Followed the guide on adafruit site and bingo.

Finally using to check my IP address is different.

Just a word of warning, this can spark off auto lock of your google mail as I found last night as you will be getting new ip addresses from around the world. According to google my account had been opened in the USA, Japan and France in a space of a few minutes but as I knew I had been accessing it there wasn't a problem. 

So there we go stop prism following you and take this ap with you to plug into your mates router so you can connect anonymously there too (no need for their wifi password).