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Saturday, 3 August 2013

A cure for cache saturation ???

Something I've been thinking of for a while, sooner or later many places will be so full of caches that no new ones will be allowed, but many of them crappy micros thrown down in crap locations just for the sake of it.

Now after talking to a few cachers today of which a couple have already reviewed their caches archiving a few which they felt were crap and no benefit I thought I would say what came of it.

Everyone I spoke to agreed that if you find a place a regular cache could fit within 500 ft of a micro that the bigger container takes prescient and is allowed with the owner of the micro given time to get the old cache back or allow the new cache owner to collect the old one.

This would also work in the event of a regular cache being upstaged by an extra large cache.

After all how we supposed to get new people interested when most of the caches out there are micro film pots often with mouldy paper within? If I had found one as my first I don't think I would be caching now, however my first cache was pooky Luke's a regular size ammo box with lots of swag inside.

Lets get the quality back up, nice location and a good size cache, banish the crappy micro.

So what do you reckon ?