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Friday, 9 August 2013

lets increase quality even if it means cut back on quantity.

I have spoken to many other cachers and the view seems to be the same, to many micros or crap containers placed on the backs of signs on housing estates to the soggy film canister chucked aimlesly into holly that could easily take a bigger cache.

now im sure some of you will remember back to getting 20 in a day was a challenge and all these were a good sandwich box to ammo box in size and the odd few even bigger than that.

Im sure you will also remember opening them first few caches that had loads of decent swag inside to swap, the geocoins and tb's that you cant fit into micros or filmpots but went well into these bigger caches. 

The way many are seeing it is that it be harder to encourage families to take up this hobby if poor quality gets placed out, lets improve the quality and make this game go back to the standards that we all remember but doesnt seem to be about these days. 

Feel free to cut and paste this to regional boards and see if we can get the quality back up by the end of the year.

happy caching all.