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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Local caching

Today I decided to clear some local caches, first was at didcot and a nice size container. Then over to Abingdon to get some more. One was a magnetic near the vineyard and at gz you could smell weed being smoked yeuk. The next one was a black snail then onto two trads before finding a nice size one at radley and then a nice size multi near Shelley close.

From here I went tomcat ham to get three including one up a gz I metdaniel glover and co and to my disappointment found it wasn't really a climb as such, but I got to see deer in the field.

On the way home from here I picked off three walkies caches and a geocoin and also a second to find, this was after a delay along the a338 where a motorcyist had been involved in an accident with a car.

A couple pictures below one of the powerstation from Marcham now with no cloud making steam and of the deers whilst caching at Marcham.