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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

3 ftf s :)

Three new caches came up last night at work, so left them. Why I hear you ask, we'll it would be two hours till I got out there and by then half a dozen signatures on the logbook.

Anyhow after BT engineer left we took a trip up to the ridgeway, the sun was burning through the mist and was warming up.

When we got to the first cache we were surprised to see a blank log :)

The next was a bit harder as the co ords were 300ft off but we soon found it.

However at the third, even through we were first to find this was the hardest as it was very well hidden, only using an iPhone I wondered if we were actually close enough and as I was about to call it a day (and frodo finish playing in the puddle after giving the tree a good sniff over) we found it and a third ftf.

A nice walk back to the car and back home.