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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lambourn rooknest series

Out with frodo in lambourn today, after surviving the potholes between Wantage and lambourn we began the walk which was to amuse us as once we got near to the first one there was a couple searching everywhere for the cache. Me and frodo stood and the bridge watching as we were finding this hilarious and once they left got the cache that they couldn't find. We didn't see much of them till near the end, so no doubt locals.

As we worked our way round we were finding either the co ords were out on some or the gps was playing up, but by half way round things improved, although we solved the multi we couldn't find it but found the deers. Along to the next and we muggled queen of maps with her partner and on to one disguised as a brick.

Later on we found quickly one that's been having many dnf s and soon had it in hand although frodo smelt it straight away but couldn't put his paw on it.

By now frodo was a brown blob from all the mud pools so on my list was to head back near to number one so he could have a swim in the chalk lined river. After a play in there he was a lot more cleaner, just wet which is better than caked in brown mud.

On our way home we went to pick off layby monkey a new cache and as we pulled up I could see it but a car pulled in behind with a guy looking at gz and his phone from the car, this became a stand off as I wasn't moving nor was he and he soon left. The fact I have a trackable on the back of my car gives away I'm a cacher lol. So not a bad day, no multi and no bonus (no bonus clues in the caches) but hey ho.

There was also a lovely cottage which we stopped to admire, very nice.