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Monday, 22 April 2013

Internet connection (yet again)

After last Sunday (not yesterday but one before) my connection has been playing up again with that Sunday spending much of the day disconnected. My Internet provider threatened that I would be charged if a fault was found my end etc etc to try put me off till I reminded them they were not providing me with the service I signed up for and I was strongly considering virgin, next they book the engineer.

After some line tests by BT last week my connection improved (funny that) with a maximum up time of 30 hours. The engineer said I was still inside the 10 days settling period and that 11mbs was a good connection and thaty leads etc were good quality before replacing the junction socket again with one with a built in adsl filter and changed my rj11 lead for a cheap BT standard.

Now clutching at straws the engineer did some more tests before checking the line outside and said he would pop up the street to the junction box there.

Twenty minutes later he rings, I've found the fault he cries, yes I think now who s the lier I think towards my provider. It turns out the junction box in the street is still connected by the copper wires that were laid down when the housing estate was built and although fine for phone it's been bad for adsl. So within minutes I watch my connection go as the BT guy gets to work with the copper wires, I just have that feeling we be seeing the street and estate being dug up soon.

Anyhow still not heard back since he started the work and hopefully now he has solved it. Yet another great engineer from BT who is full of ideas and yes tested my draytek router too. He was impressed with it saying that it was a very good router with nothing wrong so there you go Internet provider nothing wrong with my router either.

Lets see how it performs after the ten days and after the junction box is finally sorted out.