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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Airport walk

I'm up in Leicestershire on a training course so when it finished this evening out I went to get just under 30 caches around the airport perimeter.

I had already misjudged the distance by two miles but luckily I was travelling and 2.8 mph on average which was nearly a mile per hour faster than planned so finished slightly quicker than planned.

Along the route I got to see many things including a plane that had to take off after failing its landing attempt.

There was also some well thought out caches as well as a couple of tb hotels so a few trackables will be coming home with me to go to the event this weekend.

Dropped off two tb s too so hopefully the owner will be pleased.

Also found a great tunnel under a road that I explored but sadly no cache here, but if I lived nearby then that would have become a cache now ;)