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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

BT and my connection

A lovely engineer turned up at 8.30 this morning and after making a fuss of the dog got to work along with the cup of tea made for him.

I explained the problem to which was met with "there has been a lot of problems recently" and he set to work testing the line.

To my annoyance this morning the line had been up for 44 hours without a reset, about the same time since I complained again to my Internet provider.

My snr was still too low 6 or lower will cause dropped connection and now testing my filter and BT socket.

We soon had the majority of the problem solved, the BT junction box needed replacing and was replaced promptly with a new one.

After further testing my speed increased and then a few other buttons pressed, calls made and my snr was increased and I'm a happy man.

The connection will take a week to settle down, but looks like now the problem had been fixed.

Thank you BT