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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Vets then ftf s

Frodo needed to go for injections today for his back leg, being an old dog means we are restricted to 6 miles max whilst out, however a few years ago 30 miles would be a good day. With no problems getting there frodo dragged me into the vets had his injection and soon dragged me back out.

Got home and put the kettle on and started to wait for my postman with lots of bits n bobs for me. Kettle boiled and phone bleeps, cache gone live, 2, 3, 4, 5 where are they 1.6 miles away so straight out the front door we went and luckily postie was outside with my mail.

We parked outside the first cache, phone data let me down but the name gave me a clue and soon found it, never knew of this old pump here so learnt something new. We parked up and walked the rest, now I had phone data and was able to find the caches with my iPhone. The caches were easy to find and nice sizes which makes a nice change, maybe this year people will go back to putting quality out and not quantity.

After a few muddy paths we had them all and a quick email to cache owner to thank them. We stopped at the dip where frodo often paddles but he had a drink and didn't want to go in. Back at the car I had to try and dry him as he was rather muddy but excited for another walk so early on in the morning.

So there we have it a nice start to the new year with 5 ftf s big smiles here.