Saturday, 5 January 2013

Psu project

After finding that I'm always restricted on the pi to add ons due to the limited amps on the power pack and also the hub, I thought I would invest in a cheap psu unit.

I have already ordered a 12v to 6v which I'm awaiting on from hong kong but for the moment I have made a 5v power lead using the lead of an unregulated power supply that I was having problems with, but first I needed to get the unit working.

On opening it up I found the correct wire to start up the psu it was the green which I soldered to a ground, straight away the fan powers up, one section done.

Next the brown and orange needed attaching as per end of lead, so this was another one to solder together but these were to be done inside the psu to keep things tidy.

Checking the power I could see that the 5v lead was giving 5.05v but after running through a seven port hub which has pi power lead, wifi, keyboard it lowered to 4.95v perfect and 24 amps more than plenty to run with, this should stop the pi rebooting due to not enough amps.

Cutting all the connectors off the wires and cutting the leads I didn't need to a shorter length it was now a bit of a tidy up and solder any wires I had used to give a good connection. The USB hub had poor soldering so I didn't in the end use that just used the 5v lead I cut off the adapter and soldered to the 5v and ground.

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