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Sunday, 20 January 2013

a snowy cache day

Out with frodo today to get some caches, after the snow ruining saturday i was edging to get out so we risked it in the car to find that the roads we needed were clear, apart from the road up to white horse hill, but we didnt need that. Once up at the parking spot we had a bit of difficulty parking as the car slipped and slid into a parking place, once parked up we were on our way to the first cache. The snow had started to blow up into a mini white out as the winds blew the snow and what was on the ground, the views were just white as the snow falling had put a stop to the nice views up here. As we worked our way through the caches we couldnt find one big enough or with enough space for the two tb's so will have to dip them and find somewhere else to drop them off. Frodo enjoyed the snow and the hunt for the snowball, he also got hold of a big chunk of ice that he started to chew, a bit cold for me i thought. Lots of red kites flying around up here today too, so between finding carefully hidden letterboxes and traditional caches we watched the birds circling in the sky, so thank you pebbles&co for bringing us up here. I also left the pc running to download the piface image for the raspberry pi. The project i wanted to set up was the chicken reading tweets but am struggling to get the twitter python code to work but at the moment it doesnt want to know so need to find a short python script that works, any ideas let me know. Now back in the warm with a lovely cup of tea, feeling so much better that we have been out to burn off some energy.