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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Regulated power supply

Today I decided to make my 5v 3a regulated power supply project up. I didn't have to purchase anything as I had the bits floating around the house but a rough guess would be under a tenner.

So this is what I had:

1x 13amp uk 240 volt power lead off an old electrical appliance
1x 240 - 5v 3amp fairy light power supply
1x 7 port powered hub
Some wires
And a car cigarette lighter socket voltage reader.

Firstly I wired the 240v lead into power supply and replaced the blown 13amp fuse.

Next I wired in the 5v output wires, desoldered the power jack on the powered USB hub then soldered the wires to it.

I then checked the voltage which was 5.25v there is a screw to change the voltage up or down but didn't need to touch this.

I then put it all back together before deciding to add the voltage reader which I connected to the power lead going into the USB hub and then turned it on , then bingo it worked reading 5.1 volts which is close.

Taped the wires up and ready to go.