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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tv project continued...

This is my third tv project project one ended up broken on the kitchen floor, tv 2 I cut the wrong chip off but still have the screen in case I ever need to replace screen on number three. Then there is project tv three.

I tried and tried to get this to work on USB power but even when I found a 5v point and connected the USB power up you could hardly see the screen, so I was left with resoldering all the wires I had carefully cut and ordered a 12v 1amp power supply which arrived today.

After cutting, joining, soldering and electro taping the wires I powered it up with the pi connected and bingo it works.

I didn't really want to run it as 12v as I liked the idea of running it from one psu but it wasn't going to be.

It now means when I get home from work tonight I can get back to using the pi on my settee without having to run leads to the big tv which puts me off of running it at night. I can't really use the hdmi tv upstairs as my partner is asleep so isn't fair on her. But now I got the tv project running it means I can take my pi to events, hotels and know I can run it.

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