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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cutting down on cigarettes

A couple of years ago I tried an e-cig but found that it was alright for a few puffs but died quickly. However over the past couple of months two guys at work have been using a ego-t e cigarette so I thought lets try one. 20 quid for the unit comprising of juice tank for the liquid nicotine to go in, carboniser that heats up the liquid to steam and battery with USB charger.

The juice is about three pounds for about 13ml which lasts about a week. So for a 20 a day smoker at nearly six quid a pack that's nearly 50 quid a week. For me on rolling tobacco at about 14 quid a week I'm saving 10 quid a week, having pure nicotine without all the nasty chemicals and much healthier.

I have been coughing up a lot of crap off my lungs which is good and the few roll ups I have had I've only smoked about a third of it before throwing it as I now really dislike the taste, certainly better than all the attempts I have had with either will power or nicotine replacement stuff.

The juices are available in hundreds of flavours including my favourite being a red bull flavour which is even better with a few drops of the menthol juice added.

If you smoke, try one of these ego-t e cigs you will get the hit you need and can even puff them indoors as they are steam vapours and not cigarette smoke. If I can get onto these and stay there I can eventually lower my nicotine intake to the liquids that are zero nicotine, well it's early days I'll keep you all posted.