Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Geolympixs is here.... day 3

Up early today to travel near enough everywhere to ensure if i dont get 11 icons in 11 hours that my back up plan of 11 icons for the day is met instead.  We eventually got to the Banbury webcam meet to kick things off, Banbury didnt know what had hit them lol.  Then it was over to Kirtlington, with 2 icons down we managed to get another 4 icons taking me and frodo to 6.  We then went off to get the letterbox and then to a virtual taking us to 8 and then a multi we didnt find the first time round.  Once in Oxford we failed on a puzzle cache we thought we had solved but made up for it with another multi. At the event we got to the event we ended on 9 but luckily a rare moveable cuckoo cache was at the event and was the puzzle icon i needed for the day :) 

At the event I was recognised by many and congratulated on my recent achievement of being the first uk cacher to get 100 5/5s and third place internationally.  The podcast show asked me for an interview which will soon be out on their next podcast and an article for the geocaching magazine by Adam.

I also bumped into two groundspeak lackies who congratulated me on my achievement and as we spoke slipped one of their new trackables into my hand (forgot about these as I was going to ask for one anyway).  They remembered me from the Oxford event a year ago where i had been in hospital the day before having an operation and turned up looking like i had hamster cheeks.  They said they would both try some local caches and proceeded to download a pq on their phone app.

Many people came over to say hi and have a chat and figures was there after completing his 10,000th cache with an olympic torch trackable that looked ace.

Will be back over to Oxford soon for the cito later to put my icons on 11. already 5 icons through my second round but as there isnt anymore webcams in the area, flash mobs or mega events today i will settle for the above.

BTW i now have an offical slug survey card to help deal with the muggles when searching for caches, thanks Dr Solly they are a great idea. :)

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