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Saturday, 28 July 2012

GC3RC7Q awaiting publishing

My monkey tree cache a 5/5 was found by me and frodo destroyed, the only way to get to it is at least a 12m ladder or ropes. only one person came to mind who even had a grudge and to top it all off they even had time to peel off the camo tape. thanks to frodo for finding it. So far many people have pointed the finger to the same trasher sorry cacher. So i decided to put out another hard cache,but this time harder to solve so the only way they will find it is to solve the puzzle which a. they dont do and b. they cant do as their brain capacity couldnt cope. Therefore someone else will have to solve it or tell them where to go. Cant wait to see how people do and see if i cant guess who will be next after whoever the FTFer is. Im not saying anything now on how i put the puzzle together or the location of the cache, but i will say it brings the very old with the slightly new of which will become apparent at gz and many people wont even know it existed, thats what caching is about bringing people to new places.