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Monday, 30 July 2012

maintenance and puztoks part du

Day two of puztokgate and the reviewers are not budging waiting for orders from groundspeak. Now don't get me wrong but I've come across a frog coin cypher that was published in Bristol surely then that should be archived for similarly the same thing.

Whilst most people have bought these puztoks at £10 for a set of ten, some have been given out to cachers to seed and dr solly has tons to seed whilst out around the country. It's also obvious the codes will come common knowledge as they become popular, but why is groundspeak being so anal?

Ten letters equalling ten numbers isn't exactly rocket science to work out. There is many online program's that can figure out the cipher and most cachers can work out the first 4 to 5 characters from the puzzle icon location as it has to be within two miles of the icon. So this leaves the last three nothings and last three westings and guess what? At least two of the numbers will probably be in there from the 51 or 001 of the co ords making it a 1 in 16 chance of getting the next number correct on first go. All I can say is keep submitting them for review they might then just take the hint.

Back on to maintenance today another couple missing in action and one moved from 8 ft up a tree to near the base by the tree surgeons so I archived it. One other needed a new and dry logbook and container leaving me with three more to check on.

I also placed a new cache called lots of top cheating which involves yes, cheating ask people for the co ords, follow cachers to the co ords, the only rule is that you must physically sign the cache.