Monday, 23 July 2012

Geolympix, the morning after...

Well we did it 11 icons in 11 hours.  Frodo was knackered and we finished the day off in a pub for our first meal of the day. Phew what a day, so much organised chaos, so much going on so many people introducing themselves to me (i am rubbish with names). so many people saying they saw me and so many people i never got to speak to properly which was a shame.

Did some recordings last night for a pod cast about the event, god i sounded so tired in it, just worried the recording isn't good enough, to be truthful now i cant even remember what i said either before i emailed it to the podcache show.

Today we are going to take it easy, need to sort my web page out slightly (once my new password gets sent to me) we wont be going out to do the mega series today but will probably pick them off over several weekends as they are only an hour away and there is plenty of caches for me and anyone wanting to come out with team text over the coming weeks in Swindon.  Therefore cheaper on fuel and closer to home  meaning more caching time too.

Hopefully we will be at the event tonight, definitely i will be at all the events tomorrow (busy day) and Wednesday before going back to work on Thursday for a rest lol.

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