Friday, 20 July 2012

Day one of the geolympix... Friday..

Myself and frodo decided to do a couple of loops today of the geoolmpix mega series. on route we were able to solve a multi which was a nice size cache and found many steep hills around Turville, the home of Vicar of Dibley, Mr Tom and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (which we hummed and sung most of the day).  One of the series we found someones lip moisturiser container close to the cache, being us we picked it up thinking it was the cache and realised it wasnt, but soon had the cache in hand.

A few caches later frodo goes running into gz to the cache (good boy) thinking he was going to bring the cache out i was suprised, as there was the flapping of wings as a game bird came flying out with frodo wagging his tail.

As we got to near the end of the series the heavens opened and down came a good downpour. luckily we found some shelter 100ft from the next cache, do we run for it or sit it out? we decided to sit it out and frodo enjoyed a nice long metre long stick to chew to pieces and a well earned rest.

GMS B 05  we were just about to get the cache out when a car pulls up, thinking they were caches we stayed still only to find a woman get out and squat showing her lady area to us and not even realising we were 40 ft from her, btw she wasnt attractive.

Next was what I will nickname the windmill series, the long steep walk up to the windmill that featured in chitty chitty bang bang.  The hill in itself should have been a T5 lol, this killed us so a well deserved break was required at the top and a good photo opportunity.

Further along we came across a very muddy section from recent rain, being the third cacher/group to walk along here this will probably become unpassable after the weekend festivities.  From here onwards we could here the quiet drone of the M40 motorway.

At GMS D 20 We had to wait till the farmer had gone past, like something out of the great escape, timing his movements as he cut the grass in his field, a quick run to gz with stamp in hand, stamp and run back. Frodo enjoyed this game but was less stealth.  A bit further along a squirrel decided to antagonise frodo who gave chase, but with his age the squirrel soon made up grown and up a very tall tree.

A very nice walk today, 12.8 miles covered, so in theory only 14 more miles over three rings (yeah right).  Frodo is now in his basket looking very eshausted,being an old dog we have to be very careful of the mileage with him and i think today we have over done it, so he might not be out tomorrow, we will have to see.

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