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Sunday, 29 July 2012

maintenance and puztoks

It all started Friday when I discovered my 5/5 had been trashed, not an easy one to get to at least a 12m ladder or ropes so had to be someone who had done it in the past. The container was within throwing distance which frodo found minus the camo tape.

So Saturday I started to go round maintaining my caches and placing some new caches. First container needed a new logbook so I archived it and placed a new cache nearby. The next was fine, however the next two on a byway were gone. Not to be put off I decided to place new ones using puztoks that I got from the geolympix.

Puztoks are 10 different coins in ten different colours each colour having its own cipher. One is a=2b=4 and so on another a=3 b=4 and so forth.

The idea of them is to use as a cipher tool and no different to googling online decipher tools on the Internet. With a 1 in 100 chance of getting the first letter correct with out then then 1 in 81, 1 in 49 and do forth it's not quantum physics. The fact that you already know that the first 3 are 51 2 and 001 2 gives you the first four of 10 numbers giving you a 1 in 36 chance of getting the next number and so forth.

However on sending them through for review the reviewer said no as they need more info and guidance from groundspeak this is after they published a series in Oxford including GC3Q2VT and GC36E5G

I have asked geocaching friends with out these tokens to crack them and most have in less than ten minutes using little more than a map or gps to punch the numbers in and plot where the cache will be.

So what now? I'm waiting for the reviewer to get back, the organiser of the geolympix is now looking into this and many locals with puztoks are wondering if they bought a white elephant?

Well it's not stopping me, I know of a dozen caches waiting to be published and I'm going to place a lot more yet to the stage that they will just have to do something.

So if you have puztoks get placing out the caches and maybe you will get a sensible reviewer who uses common sense. If not publish a quantum physics thesis and set the cache with that lol.