Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Press Release for MyPiFi LED Board V2

Press Release for immediate release 13 August 2014

Today the MyPiFi LED Board V2 add on for the Raspberry Pi computer has been released after a small fault concerning one switch leg needing to be cut has been resolved.

The new board has a bigger button, rounder and smoother edges along with the new V2 tablet shape.

The board is aimed at both people young and old with no experience to expert level.

It comes unassembled but we supply a step by step guide to assembling the board.

As well as being pocket money bracket in the £6-7 price bracket we have a number of suppliers stocking the board including the little pi shop and pi supply.

Please feel free to email me any questions or if you require a sample to review.

Also available on eBay 
Pictures etc on my blog

My name is Paul Brown, I'm from Oxfordshire in the UK and an avid Raspberry Pi user.

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