Monday, 4 August 2014

Munzee or geocache

Out in southsea today, so we decided to try both geocaching and Munzee. Out of all the geocaches only one gave me that fuzzy feeling of finding a cache and it was a big box up some steps. We also tried munzees and found 4 that we couldn't scan as they were faint from sunlight over time but managed to go from level one to level 9 in a day but yes it got boring with a Munzee every 20 metres. However I can see this being a nice idea added to geocaching to ensure a cache you log is actually found by yourself and everyone in your group and not one person doing all the work for the group. So out of the dozen ish caches all but one were micros and this is what puts me off. Hey oh at least one of them was a decent size cache.

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