Wednesday, 13 August 2014

MyPiFi LED Board V2 (tablet shaped) assembly guide.

Firstly empty the packet out, you should have the board, four resistors, three LEDs, extended gpio header and a switch, if you have two switches choose the bigger one of the two.

Firstly place the board on the gpio header and solder on, it's important to do this first because of the extended pins.

Next add the resistors, these don't matter which way round they are as they can be use in either direction and all are the same.

Once soldered cut the legs off.

Next add the button, notice how it's slightly longer. The picture showing the correct way for the button switch to go.

Next solder the LEDs in as per picture. These have to go the correct way round.

The shorter legs nearest the gpio header.

LED 1 is Red
LED 2 is Amber
LED 3 is Green

This order is only important if you want to use the traffic light scripts.

Once soldered cut the remains of the legs off as close to the board as possible ensuring it can't short circuit the board.

This should be what your finished board should look like and should take you between 10 minutes for experienced solderers to an hour if you have never done it before.

Demo code:

(sudo apt-get install git-core IF YOU DON'T HAVE GIT INSTALLED)

sudo git clone

Then you will have a folder with all the code (cd, sudo python like usual).

There's also a perl demo by Zak zebrowski

Kits also available on eBay:   

Also from the following web shops:

More pi shops will be added in due course.


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