Sunday, 3 August 2014

Energenie home automation via raspberry pi

I received this a few weeks ago but with kickstarter stuff needing to be sorted out this was left on the table.

Today I had a spare five minutes so decided to try this out.

The pack comes with a raspberry pi add on board and two plugs all in for under £20 

My first job was to plug the module into the pi and plug the fan into the plug then plug into wall socket and turn the fan on at fans on/off switch.

Next was to download the code from s website and run it using the python command and hey presto  inow have started my move into raspberry house automation.

They also do remote controllers, gsm units and power extension leads (which I've just ordered) which allows control of each socket on the extension lead.

So what next? I think the first thing is to use a temp sensor that detects when temperature gets above 18c or so and will cause the fan to come on till it drops down below 16c and all this done with a pi using the radio frequency 433.92mhz off the add on board which is the same frequency as the plugs.

So so I recommend one and would I buy more? Yes, not only can you control your house but the makers claim these will also save you money on electricity by turning things off rather than leave them on standby.

Here is a quick video showing one plug in action with my living room fan.

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