Thursday, 21 August 2014

MyPiFi LCD Support Board on Kickstarter

Whilst my first kickstarter was running I was using the above LCD display on a breadboard with lots of wires to view my kickstarter stats.  There was always one problem, one of the wires would randomly come out this needing to go through it all to find the problem and remedy it.

Then I thought, I need a board I can just plug my HD44780 LCD display into and get going and sure enough I designed and asked to make so I could see if it would work.

Although it's a couple months old to me,it's a new idea I have had and can take the 44780 LCD boards be it 2x16 or 4x20. The 2x16 sits perfectly without the need for the nylon hex spacers whilst the 4x20 LCD is slightly heavier.

I have since started a kickstarter up for them

The software needed takes about ten minutes to set up and a nice walk through guide is at thank you Jason for the hard work and the code to inspire my add on board.

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