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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Expensive car repairs

So after my ESP light came on recently (in the rain along with ABS and brake warning lights) I thought nothing of it, after all Ashmore skoda told me it was normal in the wet, but according to Ridgeway Skoda its not. After using vagcom aka vcds I was able to identify the fault to a brake pressure sensor, it was this that kept the ESP light on constantly. Furthermore it's a fault with all vag vehicles that have K01 brake system., a fault so common and back to 2006 (before my car was made) that most garages knock off 1500 quid on second hand cars they purchase in case they have to replace it.  Vosa are also aware but claim its still safe to drive, yet its an mot failure as its a lit warning light on the dashboard that doesn't go out making the car fail the mot and therefore not roadworthy.

Skoda uk wouldn't give any goodwill telling me my car is six years old and 78k on the clock, even through every service has been with a approved skoda dealer and on time.

So after finding out on vag forums about lots of similar cases I was made aware of a repair kit for around £200, not bad but three hours labour 270 quid. I also needed a service which was another 250 and nearly 500 quid including labour to replace every brake pad and every brake disc as they were worn and pitted. Oh and a courtesy car as it was a full days job.

So went back today to collect my car, paid on my credit card and all seemed fine, car looked ok, but got home tonight and was greeted with swirl marks on every panel, it looks like a monkey has gone to work on my car with a dirty grit filled sponge, I'm fuming, guess where I'm going tomorrow.