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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Make your own e cig juice

Firstly I must say this is dangerous if you don't follow the guides correctly. Nicotine often comes in bottles at 72mg strength. Very high nicotine cigarettes are around 30 mg and Marlboro lights around 8 mg.

I managed to purchase all the stuff needed from alchemist cupboard on the net after a recommendation from a friend. Here I bought pg, VG, nicotine and flavouring and some syringes for measuring the amounts.  With an app off the App Store I was able to enter how much I wanted to make and at what nicotine strength and it told me how much of each I had to mix up.

While it costs me around a fiver for a bottle to last three days, I can make my own up at 89p for three days or 30p a day, cheaper than one cigarette and far more healthy.

So what's 30p a day not even the price of a coffee. I'm much happier on e cigs as now I can control nicotine doseage and hopefully be off these soon too.