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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween mega

Me and frodo have been out this week on walks as advised by the doctor and decided to clear out abingdon, get a couple at Isley and a few out at lambourn. However today was the big one where we also met some of our caching friends too.

The Halloween mega is one event that always guarantees quality and quantity. In the daytime we walked 11 ish miles completing over 60 caches, we had also done some drivebys too which helped add up to and the caches in the forest for the daytime were really good quality so we knew we were in for a treat later on.

Come 6pm the event got its 1000 person sign in making the event mega. The night time caches got released shortly afterwards and while everyone shot off me and frodo sat down and programmed the 19 caches in and sure enough it paid dividends as the organisers had on purposely put them in a random order. We plotted our route and was second to find to our first one where a local radio station were recording an item on geocaching and the next one which was my favourite was the night cache where you have to follow the reflective tags through the forest. With a very bright head torch it was easy and a ftf for me and frodo aka team text :) we came across lots of excellent caches a snake that squirted water at you on the daytime ones was my favourite, but nighttime there were to many to name; a deranged bat waving its arms about, a huge coffin and a electric chair with something/one in it being electrocuted were definitely my favourites. The only down point was the queues to a few caches where on one it took 15 minutes to sign the book, this didn't help when cachers decided to flick through the logs to see if their friend had been. Also groups of people on the trail walking slowly and taking up the whole path, going the speed me and frodo do (nearly 3.5mph average today) we don't hang about and don't need people slowing us down, please in future move out the way and let those who enjoy a fast pace through and those who want to go through the logbook wait till everyone has signed it.

So once again the Halloween mega committee have pulled it off and a big well done to you all.

Ps it was also refreshing to be allowed dogs in the venue so thank you.