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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Busy raspberry pi weekend

Busy weekend, started building a piduino and weather lcd display on some humble pi k001 boards. Still got some work to do on them.

Next up was a pn532 board, although it couldn't read my works ID card it could read my credit cards rfid. Just need to get my other two rfid boards running then  I could have a cloner/emulator.

Then was the 8x8 led board which following video got it working, so have now ordered a second one.

Lastly was my 2.8" TFT touchscreen I bought off eBay from texy in thatcham. Never got this working before but after a few hours tonight it was soon working but found once it powered down I would lose the screen again so hopefully I will get that sorted soon, although I followed the instructions, something must be missing somewhere, oh well.

One more thing was the ledborg on my server pi can now change the light by ssh so can light up my hallway in the colour I feel like.