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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Raspberry/arduino weekend

Decided to get on with a few projects this weekend.

1. 2x16 lcd soldered and wired to a humble pi plate which works on raspbmc and other projects.

2. Adafruit gps after soldering the legs on and installing gpsd onto pi I left this in the conservatory to connect to the satellites, my next plan is to display the info on a lcd display and also to convert the co ordinates to hh mm.sss format.

3. Atmega/arduino project that I bought for a fiver that includes small breadboard, atmega chip and a few other bits and bobs. Following a couple of online tutorials and installing some software onto the pi I was able to get the project to flash four LEDs , next I want to use two LEDs to flash out a coded say morse code message that could be used in the field for a geocaching project .

Lastly was the 8x8 lcd display, couldn't find what I needed for it but was looking around to try and make this a graphic equaliser and also want to get four more to make a cube up that a random light or two moves around the cube at speed.

Hopefully someone reading this project might be able to point me in the right direction.