Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wildlife cam part 2

I found I still had a lot to do on this project, one was false alarms from the pir.  To solve this I cut down a toilet roll and covered it in some more camo cloth and stuck it on, this was to concentrate the pir to front only so in theory the only way to trigger it would be from the front only and not the sides.

I decided to not tidy it up as being ruffled should help it blend in a bit better as it breaks the shape up just as camo is designed to do.

Next up was to add a stand so I can place the cam anywhere.  In my box of stuff I had an old joby gorilla stand for my old phone that was broken. Some gorilla glue to fix the stand to the case and gaffa tape to hold the pi case to old phone case and I have a secure stand that can go just about anywhere.

I'm not to bothered about the amount of gaffa tape as most of this is at the back which will be hidden by the camo bag, but front has minimuim amount so the camo does its job.

No doubt as time goes on I will add bits and edit bits and hopefully have something very special.

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