Sunday, 9 March 2014

Kano os for raspberry pi

I missed their kickstarter project which exceeded all other kickstarter projects and whilst Kano don't currently have a box set for me to try, I was fortunate enough to try their new os from

The complete package includes a sd writer and from what I've seen on twitter a four year old can set it up.

Once running it asked for my name and ran a couple of questions before starting the os.

On starting I was greeted with a slick and fast os. Each section having a playground so you can save each stage and learn at your own speed, it also teaches you to program with lots more being added to it in the future.

Presently it only boots up in hdmi, but on their forums they have written how to run this on a/v.

The whole thing can also run through vnc  through either your pc or an iPad which looks promising.

The instructions which will come in the box set or can now be downloaded from their site as .pdf files are very easy to learn and understand and actually make many books including a big yellow book on raspberry pi look very hard to understand. I think in the few evenings I've been using this os I have probably learnt a lot more than I have in the previous year.

I for one will be looking forward to Kano's future development along with its integration into schools and hopefully when the Kano kit is available I can review that too.

For more info visit Kano at

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