Sunday, 2 March 2014

Adafruit neo pixels and Gemma 8mhz controller

Finally got this working today, after starting up the old rusty xp machine and sorting out the network card on it I downloaded adafruits arduino ide which they have already added the files needed to and tried to get it to upload, no.

Problem one couldn't see Gemma or trinket this involved downloading the drivers off the adafruit site.

Problem two still wouldn't see so had to add a new .conf file and id file.

Problem three it now expected 4 but got -5 error, this one really annoyed me and everything in adafruit site had been done.  Next up I had a brain wave try every usb lead I have and after the fifth lead the Gemma started to flash differently but this error still popped up but suddenly the LEDs were lighting up on the neo pixels from one of the latest sketches which was on adafruit, here's a video of part of it:

So today's moral to the story is if at first you don't succeed try a different lead.

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