Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Unauthorised payments by old ISP

I found out today, whilst I won't say at the moment which ISP it is (not the big five) they have been taking £35.40 a month from my credit card, a card I only ever used for their payments.

After speaking to barclaycard who immediately cancelled the card they said they would send a new card and give me details to claim against the unauthorised payments.

Now I've not noticed this card as a. It's an online card and b. it was set up to pay monthly in full however as it been paying minimuim amount I've not noticed it on my bank account when it came to barclaycard asking for minimuim amount each month. Ok my fault I should have checked to ensure or even cancel the account, but how many other people have had this done or are having this done cos they have not checked their accounts each month?

I do scan over my accounts quickly each month but things under a tenner don't seem to register with me as I mistakenly have always looked for huge amounts going in one chunk as my theory is if you doing over someone's account you get what you can in the shortest time. Even through now I'm thinking maybe small amounts infrequently would be a better way to go.

Anyhow I will see what happens and keep my 9,000 ish a month viewers up todate.

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