Sunday, 23 February 2014

Truely portable pi

Whilst tidying up the attic I came across my daughters 10 year old portable DVD player that's not been used for a longtime, not since the age of Netflix and other online film channels.

So today I placed it on charge, battery still works and still plays DVD s but this is not what I want it for.  

It has a av in socket and lead (never been used) and the pi has a av socket. I've
ordered a 3.5mm to av jack so I can play sound too.

Well as I hoped it works and the screen is actually of good quality for the age and price we paid when it came out, certainly good for use with a pi and already I'm looking at some faulty ones on eBay that I could take the DVD section out and replace in its place a pi, looks like I'm onto a winner.

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