Monday, 24 February 2014

Books to help or confuse you

I've spent much of the weekend reading idiots guide to Unix which I found helpful and easy to understand. Today I'm onto my third book.  No I'm not a fast reader but it's because two books, python for dummies and python for beginners seem to have been written by someone who thinks they are writing for beginners with lots of python experience if you get what I mean.

So instead of reviewing each book I have,I've decided to list them here of the books I recommend to anyone starting out or looking to get something out of the pi.

Raspberry pi cookbook - simon monk
Get started with raspberry pi - simon monk
Python coding club - Chris roffey
Raspberry pi for secret agents - Stefan sjogelid
Raspberry pi for dummies
Raspberry pi projects - Robinson & cook
Haynes raspberry pi manual
Adventures in raspberry pi - Carrie-ann philbin
Raspberry pi user guide - upton & halfacree
Practical radpberry pi
Learn raspberry pi with linux

Ok huge list, but the list of books not to get exceed this, so to pick three to get you started I would choose:

Adventures in raspberry pi
Haynes raspberry pi manual
Raspberry pi cookbook


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