Sunday, 9 February 2014

AirPi weather station

I've been trying to get this little project for a while now and luckily the creator tom Hartley was going to be at Cambridge raspberry jam. 

After watching toms excellent show n tell I couldn't wait to get started so last night started.

I had to firstly solder on all the connections and resistors, the longest bit here for me was ensuring the correct resistor went in the correct spot but was done very quickly.

Changes since v1 is no uv sensor which I thought was a shame instead replaced with microphone. I'm looking yet to get another adafruit gps to add to the board so it can have true gps function ability and ideal then to take camping.

Next was to do a sudo update and upgrade before following the instructions on using the latest version and git cloning it onto the sd card.

Once done I had to open a xively account get a user number and api code to put in the config file and then was ready to run.

I know need to find away to keep this dry and also to power it, I'm thinking a usb battery pack with solar power to charge it but will have to investigate this further.

Anyhow I will keep this blog updated should I find away, till then here is the link to weather in my house in Wantage, well till I find a better place to place it.

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