Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Raspberry pi lcd weather station

Tonight I've been browsing andypi.co.uk, I have already a 16x2 lcd that I have soldered using andypi schematics to a pi expansion board (a write up is on the blog somewhere) and after following instructions to download scrolling rss news feed I decided to change the RSS feed to current local weather observation from BBC and change the search time to check once a minute instead of every 30 seconds, something I might change to every twenty minutes soon. I also decided to add a wifi dongle to make it portable.

There are plenty of RSS feeds out there so this project isn't limited (RSS feeds are your oyster lol). 

If you don't fancy soldering all the wires, you can get a screen already soldered at andypi and also further instructions, scripts, etc.

Lastly to all my followers merry Christmas and have a happy new year and please click and view a banner to support the site.

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