Friday, 27 December 2013

Caching at Box

Out with friends to box near bath today to do some 5/5 caches, first involved going down a slippery slope to find some belongings missing by the time we got out.  After being tipped off by a local off duty copper to who he thought was the local dodgy person we confronted him but soon realised it wasn't him and as we were about to give up a dog walker approached us and asked if we have lost anything, so soon had belongings back in place. The next few were near the swan and were quickly located a favourite cave of mine and onto another where things went down hill, we struggled to solve an earth cache and the instructions for the caches here were very vague and one point ended up away from the rest of the group with all of us now low on batteries. So we will be back here another day, hopefully with another friend who knows the caves better than us. 4 caves and 7 5/5 s with an extra one for two members as the rest of us have done it a few years ago. Pictures will be posted up another day.

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