Sunday, 15 December 2013

Apple woes

Decided Friday I would update my iPhone from 6.1.2 which has been good to me to the new ios7 and was still trying this morning. I was getting tons of errors 3014 3094 4014 being some, I clear one error and get another error.

So this morning was a 35 mile drive and an hour driving to go to the apple store in reading and the same back. Got through the doors just after they opened to be greeted by Liam who once saw my phone became rude and adbrupt and when I handed my phone to him was treated like I was thick. He looked at the bottom and down the headphone jack and told me they couldn't do anything as the phone had been in contact with liquids, I told him that not to my knowledge as I'm so careful with it, surely it be a time thing that's set off these imaginary markers that I couldn't see. Told that was it nothing else I should buy a new one, so I asked to speak to his manager and once I asked about the eighth time he called the manager over. I explained I couldn't get an appointment online as the site seem to return page not found last night and I've travelled a long way to which I was told tough really, however I can have a appointment Thursday afternoon, for now I should just get a SIM card adapter and cheap phone and if I traded my current phone in in its current state of being stuck in a power cycle that I would get very little for it.

So off to three they wanted to sell me a 32gb iPhone 5s on a two year contract for nearly fifty quid a month with ninety nine quid on my next bill. So working out my current twelve quid a month bill against what they were offering works out very expensive for it.  Back to apple I choose the phone I want, have to get an old adapter to new adapter as I don't really want to spend a fortune on new accessories especially not in here. Asked about a leather case to protect my phone and sure enough offered one for nearly fifty quid, don't think so ill eBay one thanks. Then I find I need a nano sim that be £15 quid, yet these are given away free on the cell operators own sites.  Back to three who hats off to them told me that if I was to buy it all from them it be a tenner for sim, but I could have a nano replacement for my current sim and they transferred my number straight over, then finally back to apple store.

Back here I buy the phone and get offered their insurance, I asked if it protected against so called water damage knowing the answer from my first visit of the day, so I then declined the insurance telling then if it lasts 18 months then I would have had my money's worth and that my lovely home insurance covers the phone anyway.

Back to the car park I then had to pay three quid for an hour and a half parking.

So would I recommend using the apple shop in future, no, it was the worse experience I have had, a 4s that still doesn't work and a 600 quid sent on the credit card.

From what I can see apple are quick to take your money but not to help or provide customer service. But hats off to three and also to sky promotions team giving out bags of popcorn and wishing everyone a merry Christmas, I think it was that that stopped me from going into full meltdown in apple.

Lastly was the idiots walking around the shopping centre stopping dead for no apparent reasons, changing directions for no reason and general not understanding how to walk through a shopping centre.

I know I'm not well at the moment but Christ these sorts of people make me look like a genius.

So total spent today parking, fuel, phone over 700 quid which could have quite easily been just fuel and half parking price had apple either tried the update themselves or replace the phone, next time I'll just go to my local car phone warehouse.

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