Monday, 9 December 2013

Cacheberry pi case

After looking around the house I found a small cardboard box. With some gaffa tape I had left from taping up geocache containers I had everything I needed. A hole in the roof and in went the gps, next was a hole for the usb so I can update the caches with a usb stick. The other side where the flap is a small hole for power and to get to pi if needed. To the front I had to cut a small hole for the i2c module on the back of the lcd to sit through with the lcd sitting flat along the side of the box. Lastly was to bring the led out the top and face forwards so you can see what is going on.

I then finished taping it all together to make it stronger and look a bit better, I know it looks blue Peter ish but that's the fun.  As the tape warms up and slightly shrinks over time it will mould better creating (hopefully) a better case.

And finally front with led 

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  1. latest blog with more detail on the cacheberrypi


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