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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Raspberry pi stuff

So with a weekend looking poor, between sleeping I decided to mess around with my raspberry pi s.

First project was the rfid module, although it detected my work ID and showed this through the blinking led I soldered to it as an unoffical mod that was as far as I got.

Next up I got my raspberry usb power supply up and running 4 usb sockets with one at 1.1amp for the pi. The power supply is 5v 3amp so copes well like my other usb power supply and this takes less than 3 watts of power according to the lcd electric monitor we have in the kitchen equating to about a penny an hour dead cheap compared to my huge psu to run loads of pi a running in at 20 watts.

Next up was piglow and now I have it working, after looking at various scripts and playing with them all I eventually made an emergency flashing blue/red strobe.

Lastly out came the old ledborg which I have since ordered a second and this sits on my piserver to show CPU usage.

If anyone can help me with the rfid 630 that would be grateful especially if in python.