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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bourton wander

Today we went for a walk near Swindon, place called bourton. Weather was fine till we got there then a very fine drizzle for a while which was nice in the 20c heat.

All caches were easy to find covering just under five miles in an hour and half.  The puzzle cache with padlock had been broken which was a shame, so I tried to repair it the best I could. On the way to the next one we disturbed a deer in the field which bounded off.  Later on we had trouble at shiny getting the logbook out which someone had jammed in and was unretrievable so marked the logbook with my green pen and let the owners know.

A lot of the footpaths around this bit were unmarked and guess work was required, but all in all a nice series for me and frodo  and signed in as team text tftc