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Saturday, 4 August 2012

team text on manoeuvres

Today myself and frodo went out caching, it's been the first caching weekend where we got up when we woke up and been local. It was also not about numbers today and we were so much happier than how we had recently when our with another team.

We first of all did coate water park, finding a stolen cash safe close to gz, couldn't get the staff in site interested so didn't bother, just leaving a log online to cache owner.

The next was a puzzle cache, nice idea of picking up a key and heading to stage two to use it, however the cache was sodden.

We noticed a nice bridge in coate water park but no cache under it why? We later dropped off a puztok at a cache on coate water park and yes frodo found ball one of four today.

The next area to hit was the gorse hill series, not a favourite, film pot mixed with rubbish and needles, again a huge tree out of everyone's view could take a nice size cache half way up, what was there, a film pot in ivy grrrrr, why, why, why? However frodo found himself another ball, now we are bored, need some quality.

Decided to head home and did the shrivenham circular series, after the rain it dried out for the rest of the walk with a nice view of white horse hill and yes ball three on this series.

After this we went to do if only a multi, this had to be the best all day, nicely planned series, decent size container, proper logbook and now one of my rare favourite points.

As we drove home a puzzle popped up on email, soon had it solved and we disappeared to gz to get a ftf :)

The day isn't over yet but I'm deciding shall I go out and get another new one. ???