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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

another 5/5

I qualified for the mario Mctavish 365 day challenge a month ago, so yesterday on a trip to hayling island we picked it up with some drive bys and some caches on hayling itself. Whilst we picked up the last two of the day I popped behind a tree to relieve myself as nature was calling and to my suprise in front of me in the tree was a munzee. So out with my phone to capture it. Whilst I'm not really into munzees if i do come across any now I do capture it with the phone app.

Today I been sorting out some puzzles in Weymouth to do, fed up at staring at the oc screen I turned it off but with a smug grin that there is a good days worth of caching ahead next week :)

Later this week we are going to the camping event up Nottingham way so anyone going feel free to say hi.