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Friday, 10 August 2012

placing new caches

In the past week I have placed another cache in the all about the numbers series. Problem is trying to find the ideal locations. I looked at the river at steventon where it runs under the road by the cherry tree pub. The problem here is not getting under the tunnel it's the fact you have to trespass a foot to get to it so I had to abandon the idea. Just before I abandoned the idea I thought of using a kyak, however the water wasn't deep enough and too much reeds in water too .

Then back to Wantage, Wantage has about 300 caches in about 5 mile radius, which is great for caching but not for placing caches. On looking at several great locations to place a good cache idea I was stumped, why? A film pot cache that's why. Wherever I look and find the ideal spot for a huge cache it's scarpered by a film pot within 524ft.

Now don't get me wrong I'm guilty as the next for putting a film pot out for the sake of it. But when you trying to put a good size cache out, surely a bigger cache should win priority? I've even been out maintaining and removing caches I feel are just there for the sake of it or too small freeing up space for bigger and better caches.

Just this week I went to the army surplus store to get two big ammo cans for eight quid a can, some where Manky, but after a look at them all I got two good ones, might go back for more.

If people went out and did some of the oldest caches like Coombs hill or the queens oak and saw what size these caches were in the early days, what is in them and how big the logbooks are, then perhaps they would go out to their small caches and archive them and place some bigger caches or find locations which you would want to show someone. After all what would you like to see? An underground tunnel or a bush with disused needles?
Yes there is the chance of it being muggled, but a well placed cache with a lot of thought that's gone into it shouldn't get muggled.

So while I look at places for its all about the numbers 3 and 4 have a think about your own caches or a friends, maybe being honest to yourself and them and think you know what? Our caches are pretty crap along that stretch how about we archive them and place a bigger cache up that tree or in that hollow?