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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Well today I thought I talk about something that affects me, depression.

It's when the brain doesn't get enough serotonin which is the happy stuff naturally found in cocoa. Because my body doesn't make enough of it I have to take tablets to increase it. However exercise also helps, I find geocaching a great way to boost it and today went out with frodo to get some caches that friends had kindly sent me co ords for.

With walking being a prime example recommended by doctors, my doctor always encourages me to get out and go geocaching as not only am I getting exercise to try and boost my serotonin levels but the buzz and feel good factor also from finding a cache brings you up too.

Today we did around Wiltshire, not feeling up for one of stans excellent events we decided to get a few drive bys and do a nice series near littlecote involving traditionals, puzzle, wherigo and a letterbox cache of which frodo enjoyed to especially trying to sniff out sticks at gz and eventually taking one from the stickoflague.

There was a clever safe cache where you had to pick up the co ords and safe combination which we enjoyed, the combination was rather stiff but eventually we got there and the safe opened :)

In the distance we could hear the rolling thunder but stayed dry only seeing rain when we returned to Wantage which had suffered some flash flooding.

What a nice afternoon out, just dread next week all the logging.