Monday, 8 December 2014

Pocketmoneytronics Xmas tree Gpio add on

Got my Xmas tree from pocketmoneytronics a couple of weeks ago and finally got round to soldering it up. I saw many of them at last weekends Raspberry Jam in Cambridge aka CamJam. 

For a fiver you get seven leds 6 or which are red, seven resistors, a PCB board and gpio header of which you will notice only has 6 pins for seven LEDS and this is the clever but, it works using a thing called charlieplexing.  I won't go into details on it here as its something you can search for later.

I decided to find my bag of oomlout leds and find some nice colours in that and swapped the red ones for a variety of colours before soldering it all together.

With demo code available on their website you can be up and running in no time and all for around a fiver.

So do I recommend one? Actually yes as it teaches soldering, is an easy project, teaches charlieplexing, coding and is in the pocketmoney bracket.

Available from many decent pi shops and Raspberry Pi Vendors.

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