Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Eduboard add on board for Raspberry Pi

I first came across this board whilst looking to build an oled display, I would say it's probably the next stage up from playing with leds as this not only has a screen but a RGB led, thermometer and a loud buzzer as well as a few output pins.

So where do I start? The whole thing came as a kit, a gpio which I didn't swap for an extended header as I would normally, four leds, the three of the same value go in r1-r3 and the other resistor goes in r4. Two tactile buttons, buzzer, 5v power, 5 gpio pins, thermometer and oled and all this took less than half an hour from start to finish to solder.

Next was to download the image file from the site which was around 1gb in size, expanded when unzipped to 7.5gb.  Whilst this is great to get started with I personally would like to see this become downloadable files that you can use on your current favourite image, but as its early days I believe a lot more can happen yet.

Next up was to fire up the Eduboard and when ready up flashed my IP address and with a browser I entered the IP address which took me to the file list where I could choose what to do next.

First was the colour.php which you click a colour type it's name and the LED lights that colour.

I then moved on to Kickstarter viewer ks.php and to my suprise my last kickstarter was listed :) you can edit the code and add your own, a project that's 50% funded lights blue, funded is green and unsuccessful is lit red.

It updates every ten seconds so very up to date and will no doubt be my tool for the next kickstarter.

There was options to send pre defined messages with pi messenger which also gives you the option of adding buzzer notification.

And also option to add your own

The website eduboard.co.uk will be adding lessons over the coming weeks to teach users how to do things and more info on how to write your own stuff soon.

I can see this over time having lots of tutorials, but one example I would like to see would be a cpu/ram/temp usage display.

So what do I think? Well it's a good price, slightly out of pocket money range, but for what is there certainly cheap. With future support and tutorials for it. Quick and easy to solder with good instructions and good support, so head over to eduboard.co.uk and order yours now.

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